No Sex Please we’re Teenagers

There is a 3 part 1 hour documentary series starting next Tuesday (6 September) on BBC 2 around 9.00pm entitled ‘No sex please we’re teenagers’.
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You’ll find more details here! I reckon this could start some important conversation. Loads of respect to the two christian youth workers in the programme, Rachel Gardner and Dan Burke!

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  1. Richard,
    Was really hoping to meet you too (someone told me you were at GB) but I haven’t a clue what you look like? I’ll have to find an excuse to get to Bristol …. I’m doing some stuff with CYM this year so maybe I’ll have to come on a fact finding mission!

  2. Im not sure if Rachel Gardner will read this but i’d just like to congratulate her on her success of helping young teenagers across the uk.
    I attended one of her Y.W.C.As in Eastbourne in sussex when i was 10-12 and i found she was a very nice and trustful person, and she definatly boosted my convidence in school.
    Thanks Rachel 🙂

  3. i go to wealdstone baptist the place where it is filmed and have met rachel i would just like to say she is a role model for us all

  4. a brilliant programme, something to really feel proud of as a christian. I went away from watching that programme with a smile on our face. What a change to have the church in a good positive light rather than it usually is portrayed. Also shows that it is a great idea to wait for marriage. brilliant, just brilliant well done Rachel and Dan.

  5. I just wanted to say that I thought that the programme was brill and am looking forward to the next two episodes. As a young Christian teenager I am growing up in a world of young people who are so dominated by sex. i think this programme is brill and also to see the guys go to Church and the effect that had on one guy had me praisin God!! Well done to all who were involved in it, God bless you.

  6. I disagree, I really don’t think we do live in a world dominated by sex. People are out there doing it, enjoying it and flaunting it, but really it’s not as scary or bad as you guys make it out to be. I’ve never felt pressured by my friends, the TV, magazines or anything like that to have sex. It really isn’t something that I or anyone I know is affected by. Although I think promiscuity is wrong, I don’t think people like Rachel or Dan should go around exhibiting their celibacy like it’s a trophy. Being celibate is just as private as your sex life is when you aren’t being celibate. It’s good they feel strongly about this and are happy with keeping their virginity till they are married, but do they have to tell the rest of us about it? They act like its an the only good thing you could do, keeping your virginity, and any other option is the wrong one in the eyes of God.

  7. Lexie,
    Thanks for adding to the debate, I appreciate your thoughts. I’m impressed/surprised that you never felt pressurised.
    I’ve worked with lots of teenagers who have huge regrets about being involved in a sexual relationship before they were ready …. or ones who are dealing with consequences they didn’t imagine or want. Alcohol and Peer pressure are reasons that often crop up as to why people lost their virginity ….. not what I’d call an informed choice.
    I hope the programme doesn’t come across as keeping virginity as some sort of show off trophy. I see it rather as presenting an alternative and actually saying that Sex is great …. something more special than the way we currently treat it. Lets see what the teenagers in the programme have to say at the end of the experiment.

  8. I’m really looking forward to the second episode tonight.
    It’s good seeing that there are still people like Rachel and Dan in this world. Knowing there are such virtuous people around definitely makes maintaining celibacy before marriage worthwhile.

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