Mission Shaped Discipleship

learner plate.jpg Sudders is cracking on with “Mission Shaped Church-Youth” by all accounts and Discipleship is one of the themes that’s emerging. It’s an important theme too, I ended up on a particularly litterary rant on this subject last year. On my travels around my patch I encounter some amazing young people who are involved in the life of the church but have never been discipled …. their faith is a real God awareness but shaped and understood in a kind of compartmentalised way interpreted through a societal view of religion (Kenda Creasey Dean reffered to a Therapeutic Moral Deism)
Sudders also asks about what we mean by discipleship? Over to you but I’ll have a stab at it.
Deliberately helping a person to understand and live their faith fully through the intentional modelling, teaching and experiencing of the Christian Faith, recognising that the Discipler does not hold the full sum of understanding and will learn with and from the disciple too.