Live from Soul Survivor

I’m at Soul Survivor for a couple of days with the Youthblog flag proudly flying over my tent … oh and a really cool random LED light 🙂 Sadly no pictures at the moment as the camera and the laptop seem to have had a tiff plus there’s no wi-fi so I’m in the on-site internet cafe! Hope you’ll therefore forgive the reduced service.

4 Replies to “Live from Soul Survivor”

  1. I rather like the idea of electronic equipment getting all huffy. I’m just visualising Laptop folding its arms defensively and then turning its back on Camera, while Camera mutters snide comments under its breath about faulty USB ports and out-of-date software. (Not that I’m casting aspersions on the quality of your electronic equipment, of course – let that be quite clear!)

  2. hey come on Tessa, let’s not assume it is the laptops fault… maybe it just doesn’t like the pictures… after all it doesn’t get a say in what pictures are taken yet is expected to store them whatever they are! Surely it’s a hard drives right to choose what it does with its own memory!? Should it really have to tolerate having anything stuffed into to it by some maverick, inconsiderate, arty farty camera that is after all just a peripheral!?

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