Live from Greenbelt

It’s good to be home. Greenbelt is bigger, cooler and funkier than ever with a great layout and everything running smoothly for the 20,000 GBers here. Just got back from a great gig by Iain Archer and am now blogging from the tent as there’s wi-fi across much of the site.
This is a fascinating place to be, there are so many christians here who aren’t certain what denomination you’d describe them as but feel “at home” here. People who’s faith is fed here through Worship, creativity, celebration, challenge and a cry for and engagment with peace and justice! I guess that’s why there’s so many people here who are involved in new expressions of/emerging Church. Tomorrow David Tomlinson is being interviewed on “The Post Evangelical” book … 10 years on, should lead to some interesting discussion.
GB crossing.jpg
I’ll also try and check out some of the Youth stuff tomorrow IF they’ll let me in! Great to see really good numbers of teenagers here.