Infinite number of monkeys

Sometimes Google inadvertently reminds me how big the web is in an ‘infinite number of monkeys randomly writing the works of Shakespeare’ kind of way. Someone searched Google for “aarrrrghgghh” in exactly the letter combination I used to round off this blog entry, how weird is that?
I was also pleased to note that somewhere out there is a youth worker with a similiar line of thought to me after locating Youthblog by searching for “Tricked up minibus!” Now I know there’s at least a worldwide market of two I can pitch the TV execs a new show called “Pimp my Youth Van”
Here’s something the average Church Youth budget might consider
VW before.jpg
And here’s how it might look after a paint job, mega sound system, Cola dispenser and Teflon gum-resistant seats
vw after 2.JPG
Or thinking a little bit bigger …..
cool coach.jpg

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  1. The concerning thing about that blue minibus is the location of what appears to be the only windscreen wiper…

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