I survived Soul Survivor

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Soul Survivor B continues until Wednesday at Midnight but my visit is now over. I had a great time and I realy enjoyed catching up with people, random conversations with teenagers I’d never met before and the whole vibe/novelty of being at a Christian event where adults were in the minority by a long way. There were 11,000 there which I think is more than usual?
It was good to catch up with some Full-timers from the Diocese and I chatted to Dawn, Hannah, Nicky, Matt, Kathryn, Simon, Ally and David. It was great to have a chance too to meet/hear Mark Oestreicher who is the boss of Youth Specialties!
Fustratingly though hardly any churches had banners or signs and despite my trying I found virtually none of the volunteer led groups where I didn’t already know the leader.
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My favourite random moment was when I was able to provide some cable-ties and doweling and was able to engineer a splint to repair the fractured leg of a Gazebo for a group! Who says that DYO’s don’t have their uses!
Oh big thanks to Greenham for letting me join them in using their weird alien foot cooler thing, Nice!
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  1. Lol great picture of Tim! Glad you had a good time… stealing our food 😛 hehe. Have fun @ greenbelt! ooh, and you never got round 2 talking to me and Emily (you said you wanted to) Drop me an email if you still want to 🙂 x

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