Greenbelt and the invasion of the bloggers

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I blogged before about putting together an I SPY book of bloggers (which made me laugh)! If anyone had taken this seriously then Greenbelt festival this weekend would be THE place to be. So far I reckon among the potential spotable GB Blogroll are such blogmeisters as:
Matt Rees, Mark Berry, Dave Walker, KTvS, Dr Sarah Hamilton, Jonny Baker, Andrew Jones, Phil, Maggi Dawn, Pip Wilson and about 20 Wibloggers!
And also the following blogsters who are pseudo-Greenbelting i.e retreating to the comforts of a B&B at night: Amanda and Phil 🙂
Really looking forward to the festival. I undersatnd that the scope/size of the youth work provision has grown and am looking forward to checking that out. I have a Press pass to do some stuff for the Diocesan newspaper and website, I shall try not to be like Wayne and Garth backstage at the Alice Cooper concert but will probably fail.
For those at the festival, If you want to drop by I’ll be camping in the Disabled area and the Youthblog flag will be flying. If not, see you somewhere in the village …… obviously by that I mean the Tiny Tea Tent!
For those not at the festival I shall hopfully be blogging day by day so you can virtuially join in.

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  1. Pseudo-Greenbelter? Just because I am sensible enough to stay in a B&B? I did my annual camping at Merseyfest I’ll have you know! ok ok the B&B also has a swimming pool and looks rather plush but I will think of all the campers as I settle into my nice cosy dry insect-free bed every night… promise

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