DYO’s and Martin Saunders

Just been listening to an edition of Premier Christian Radio on Youthwork. Martin Saunders of Youthwork magazine is in conversation with Jim Partridge in this particular programme and they are exploring Blackburn Diocese appointing a School based Diocesan Youth Officer/Adviser!
They were in favour of this appointment especially as it might differ from the more usual DYO appointments where …..
“DYO’s ….. seen as a bit self important, a perception of being a bit removed, bit detached, not involved in grass roots youth work
Thanks guys! Yours slightly discouraged, Youthblog

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  1. Ian – we do think this is an exciting appointment, but our intent was never to criticise the stellar work done by DYOs across the country. I believe what Jim meant was that the perception among SOME on-the-ground youth workers (probably those outside the Anglican church) is that DYOs are a bit removed. However, neither he, nor I, believe that personally, and I want to apologise for any offence caused. You’re doing a great job, and I want to encourage, not discourage you. I hold my hands up – it was not handled well on the show.

  2. Ah. Just listened to it again, and realised that it was me who said the statement which caused offence, and not Jim (sorry for trying to pin that on you Jim). However, I did really stress that this was not my opinion, and merely what I believed to be the perception of others. I actually only said this because we had a letter to the magazine (resoundingly answered on the following month’s letters page by a number of DYOs) suggesting this exact point – calling DYO’s ‘office-based’ which is obviously misleading and wide of the mark.
    Thanks for pointing this out Ian – it’s good to feel accountable. On the whole I thought the interview was positive towards DYOs, but slightly negative about some of the disappointments youth-work wise in the Anglican church recently (Youth evangelism fund etc.) Please don’t take offence – I think you guys are fantastic and our magazine exists to support you, not to tread you down.
    Further apologies!

  3. Sometimes it’s good to get slated.
    If we are right with God our affirmation comes from him, and criticism is an opportunity to see how we can serve people better.
    Humility is too sparse in society, not least Christian society.

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