Champions of Respect Award

The E.A, working with, Crusaders and YFC, have announced a campaign to find ‘Champions of Respect’, young people who are role models of Respect to those around them.
The search for ‘Champions of Respect ‘ is part of a national programme the E.A will be launching in November 2005 to raise the profile of Respect in today’s society. A central theme of this campaign will be to highlight positive examples where Respect is being demonstrated, with a particular emphasis on initiatives which involve young people.
You can find out more here! This is a great thing to get into and a real chance to promote the positive stuff that young people do in this country.
“When it comes to respect we believe young people can be an example to our nation. We believe the way we live can help put respect back into the heart of our communities – relationships between young and old, black and white, male and female, teachers and students…”
Amen to that! & Big Thanks to Kat for the info 🙂