An Advanced Cycling Retreat

Apologies for the longest non blogging in Youthblog history (3 days) but I took off on the bicycle for a couple of days. Had a fantastic time. On Saturday morning I set off. The bike was a BIT heavier than usual as I was loaded up with tent, sleeping bag, camp cooker et al but it still rolled and handled pretty well.
On a whim I decided to head up through the Cotswolds and fuelled by tea, cake and Carb drink made it to “Mourton on the Marsh,” a distance of 61 miles. Camped overnight then looped up and back through the Cotswolds and down to Marlborough taking in 5 of the most BRUTAL climbs on the way. Distance for the day 74 miles.
I couldn’t find a campsite so my family came and picked me up. Had the best time and was quite chuffed with 135 miles in two days 🙂
Random moments of the trip
1. Cooking a vegetable Casserole on the steps of Marlborough Town Hall
2. Cycling past a farm harvesting the Lavender (I wonder if the workers keep falling asleep?)
3. Seeing a “Smart” car with a bike rack on the back!
4. Encountering an entire brass band dressed up as Batmen being conducted by the Penguin!

Sorry that this is not even remotely connected to Youth Ministry (other than for me this is a great form of retreat) and I’m back at work tomorrow and will blog youth-workerly! Promise.

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  1. sounds like jolly hard work to me. That is because I have been busy swimming in a lake near Geneva with Mont Blanc as the view and the temperature in the mid 70’s. Almost perfect!! 2 days to go and 6 days before hitting the desk!

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