A reflective Spirit

talisk2.jpg Just enjoying a post sessional dram (opted for the Talisker tonight although the Lagavullin almost won) and reflecting on conversations at club tonight. Talked to a bunch of girls outisde the club who were all smoking roll-ups, they’ve been smoking since they were 9 or 10 years old. That saddened me. Talked to a 12 year old too who has lived in 14 different houses …… how unsettling is that?
Overall a good session though and some good chats, I remain unbeaten at Table Tennis but am really hoping to lose soon as some of the lads are really getting into it. There’s also some interest in getting a football (Soccer) team together, not a huge interest of mine but if it ‘s something the lads are up for then I’m good to roll with it even if I then have to undersatnd the off-side rule.
Anyway now need to invest some cerebral computation into how best to make a “Youthblog” flag for Soul Survivor and Greenbelt. I have a cool piece of black material (1m x 1.5m) but am open to suggestions from anyone more artsy/crafty on how to youthblogise it!
If anyone needs a shot of encouragment then get hold of the current Youthwork magazine and read the story of the lad that Dave Swain helped and the words of the lad himself. Awesome!

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  1. It’s possibly a bit short notice, but if you can get yourself to a semi decent ctaft shop you can buy some kind of paper which you can stick in your printer, print your monkey onto it, and then iron it onto your flag. Find a pole, a glue gun and voila. Flag. See ya there!

  2. Had planned to do the chimp by this method and paint the lettering BUT the paint soaked straight through the material without trace. Have now had to opt for a smaller flag 🙁 along the T shirt printing lines. Ta for the tip

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