A Dandelion in Zion

Morning worship at Greenbelt 2005 this morning was awesome. Hosting a service for 20,000 that’s consistent with Greenbelt’s idelogy of love, justice and creativity …. a piece of worship that’s radical but inclusive, not easy! Thoroughly enjoyed this morning though and the way that the service and the communion was built around “The Tree of Life” theme was wonderful.
One of the opening pieces was a poem by Stewart Henderson which we all said together, in his words, “Karaoke liturgical poetry!” I really liked the middle verse …
“The luscious blooms of Babylon
The pastures of Orion-
I’d swap such verdant wealth
To be a dandelion in Zion”

My camera and my laptop are now talking to each other 🙂 But there’s some far better photo’s of this morning on the GB pages.