Yellow Braces

Apologies for the lack of posts but as mentioned the pre-residential maelstrom of activity has been fairly intense AND I’ve been ill.
Today’s the day though and Yellow Braces starts at 6pm. I’m pulling everything together now and trying to pace myself as I’m still not feeling 100%. There is SO much stuff to set up and organise eeek, so glad there is a fantastic team!
Occupying my thoughts at the moment is the “Welcome” talk in which I need to establish some ground rules without sounding too “thou shalt nott-ish” As ever the “No Purpling” rule will figure 🙂 Has anyone got any stuff they do to help the “Welcome” set the right tone but still cover the “Smoking in the wooden buildings would be a really bad idea” type of stuff?
(For those who reaaalllyyy want to know “Yellow Braces” is a mutation of “Green Belt” and I have NO responsibility for this level of cheesiness, it’s an event I inherited when I became the current incarntion of Oxford Youth Adviser!)

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