Update on all things bloggy

Am on annual leave which is great! Went to a party on Friday night, a kind of a church affair, had an awesome time. Good food, good conversation and lots of malarky. Coolest bit though was the time I spent with the teenagers just chatting, some of them had been in the younger group when I was the youthworker, it was great to chill, chat and catch up with them! I always end up talking to the teenagers, not because I can’t talk to adults just because thats always what happens, Cool but weird™ (but cool)
Blogwise: There’s now a piece of coding somewhere in the matrix that stops you from commneting on any post over 2 weeks old. Sad move to have to make but the evil dwellers of planet Spam made it a neccessity.
Bit of a dilema with the the blogroll: It expanded wildly a couple of months ago BUT since then there’s a whole lot of de-facto bloggers on there rather than the kind that actually blog! Taking a lead from the harsh world of buiness and commerce I intend to cull any that have not posted since June! You have 12 hours to make ammends, the clock is ticking! *James Bond villian type laughter*
Anyway I’m off cycling now! Download file.
For anyone (anyone?) who is interested here’s my bike. A “Giant OCR 3” upgraded to Tigra groupset and with some sweet rolling Fortezza Tricomp 23mm’s running at 110psi! Awesome!

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  1. I’ve got a Giant Iguana Mountain Bike…you’d smoke me on the roads but I think I might have you on the trails….
    come stateside and let’s find out!! hahaha

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