The Times becomes the Daily Mail

The headline on the Times today is all a bit Daily Mail, it’s a bold declaration stating one in 10 teenage boys carries a gun! The headline is blatantly alarmist and reading further the stats are for inner city boroughs of London (and not for the UK as a statistic on a front page would be interpreted) and includes replica guns and the like but I struggle to believe this is true. (I’d love to hear from any youth workers who work in the areas cited for their estimate). I know there’s a growing culture of young people being “tooled up” especially with knives but I’m struggling to accept the statistic and am certainly hacked off with the Times for a misleading headline that continues to stigmatise young people and encourage fear and mistrust.

One Reply to “The Times becomes the Daily Mail”

  1. The headline was probably written by the same person responsible for the shampoo advert announcing that 76% of women reported an improvement, while a little bit of text at the bottom of the screen says that 50 women were asked…

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