The scariest thing about teenagers

The scariest thing about kids today is how adults feel about them” San Francisco Examiner
Good post from Mike and the comments are worth reading too! I guess this is an area that the U.S and the U.K have in common culturally. How did we get into the kind of mess that allows us to demonise and/or disregard the upcoming generation?
“Oh England,
sick in head and sick in heart
and yet though art the sicker still
for thinking that thou art not ill”

(quoting from memory, source and date completely forgotten … wording at least approximately correct)

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  1. And Australia too.
    We have two prime time Current Affairs show on at roughly the same time on our two largest free-to-air stations. Both of them regularly (i.e. at least every two days) will have at least one article that asks any of these questions:
    – Are our kids too fat?
    – Is your child watching too much television?
    – Is your child too stressed out at school?
    – Should your child be doing more homework?
    – Why don’t kids want a job?
    – Why your kid won’t settle down?
    On one of these programs, they even put six teenagers (under 15) in a house for seven days, unsupervised other than dozens of hidden cameras, and watched them make a mess.
    One newspaper reported: “Just like an abusive parent, [the show] placed children in a situation where [it] knew they would fail, and then punished them for it.”
    I’m working on a paper at the moment that explores myths about young poeple portrayed in these current affairs shows, against the reality of young people’s world.
    Let me know if you’re interested.

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