The need for Speed

A few years back at Soul Survivor we had a lot of fun when we taped a chair to my skateboard and used the “chairboard” to come down the hill through the site. Pretty cool I thought but I just found this picture where someone has taken the concept to a new dimension, respect!
chair speed.jpg
Anyone want to do the risk assesment on this one!
(I wonder if the “race down the stairs in a cardboard box” that we used to have in our youth building is still allowed?)

4 Replies to “The need for Speed”

  1. that’s awesome.. i once duct taped a chair to a furniture dolly and had two kids pull me chariot style. we would get so fast that it would sling me around the corners. still that’s nothing compared to doing a downhill on a backwards facing office chair.

  2. Didn’t the steward tell you off at SS for that little stunt? was very very funny tho!
    Brainiacs (TV prog – you’ve probably never seen it) did a trial of chairs powered by fire extinguishers! I think the wheelchair came out on top both for speed and stability, the office chair ditched its rider within seconds.

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