The Green Paper “youth Matters”

As long awaited as Harry Potter, ladies, gentlemen and youth workers here it is (drum roll) ….. on the dfes website.
Initial reading throws up that:
1. It’s positive about young people
2. It wants parents and young people to have more say in services
3. Connexions continues but has to “go local”
4. It recognises the importance of the parents
5. “Opportunity Cards” form a key part, working as a carrot and stick approach. The card contains credit for increased opportunities for young people which can be topped up by volunteering. However failure to “respect” these improved opportunities and the card will not be topped up and/or removed. (but in the first instance there is greater credit for those from challenging backgrounds).
6. More intergration of services is required. Government wants to work with parents and the voluntary sector.
7. There’s an opportunity for us to respond up until November.

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