That was the weekend that was

Yellow Braces was a fantastic weekend and I’m happy, extremely proud of the team, missing the young people and somewhere beyond exhaustion!
The weather was soooooo hot and the outdoor (VERY cold) swimming pool was a popular option. As ever I was limited to pacing the side as the qualified life guard. I was just on the verge of picking on someone to rescue so I could actually cool off when the speaker (thanks Vicar boy) took the initiative and pushed me in!
Further reflections on residentials to follow and a piece I’ve been meaning to write on how useful walkie talkies are for camps!

2 Replies to “That was the weekend that was”

  1. Walkie Talkies ROCK!!! Did you manage to prise one out of Amy’s hand in the end to pack it up???
    Missing everybody LOTS but Agent K and I are meeting up so we can talk ALL about it later – yay!
    I hope you are resting now young youthblog – can you SEE the stern face even over the blogosphere???

  2. That was a wikid weekend. Cheers whistler. Missing everyone including Dr Quinn medicine woman 😛 and all the other leaders. I think I speak on behalf of all the young people from YB in saying it was a fantastic year and you guys definatly pulled off a great one. Hoping YB ’06 will live up to the expectations. See you next year. Lots of Love
    PS by the way if your wondering how I found out about this I heard whistler and sarah talking about it and thought hmmm…what o you expect I’m a Wells!

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