Spirituality, Teens and Youth Work

Candle2.gif In the hot issues section of this week’s “Young People Now” the debate is around, “Should youth workers help to encourage teens’ spirituality?” Three of the four respondents say YES and even the NO is coming more from a reaction against religion than saying that we shouldn’t. I’m encouraged that spirituality is so much on the agenda. Of course enormous sadness too that Spirituality is not always seen as part of Christianity but almost in opposition to it. I hope we get more opportunity to help young people engage with faith, spirituality and philosophy, to be able to help them assemble an informed worldview.
I also received a report from CULF today on Spiritual health and teens. Worth looking at!

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  1. The big question is what percentage of those were Christian youth workers, isn’t the church the largest employer of youth workers in the UK today?

  2. Yes, it is interesting, but less so as two of the four are Maxine Green and Roger Sainsbury! Their are answers are as you would expect.

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