re Cycling and Youth work

Managed to get in a 30 mile ride this morning which was cool, and a cracking pace too (averaged 20mph for 7 of those miles) even though I was on the tourer rather than on the racer.
I wish I could use the cycling a bit more in my youth work. The Brompton (really cool folding bike) and the racer (absolute weapon of a bike) do provoke some good conversations with young people and have provided some openings on the estate where I am currently a volunteer. Sadly though I know of very few youth groups who still go for cycle rides as they’re deemed far too risky. Even when I fix bikes for young people these days I’m a little nervous that they might end up pranging them as they are not used to the brakes working AND I might be deemed responsible.
(On the funny side though I taught the kids in my road here how to use a chain rivet remover and they are now all sporting genuine bike chain braclets!)
I am a qualified “Mountain Bike Leader” but there’s very little opportunity to use this qualification sadly.
Just realised that this blog post is going nowhere in particular, hey ho!

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  1. okay, bro…here is your official invitation to the States. You come here – I’ll hook you up with some of the most beautiful mountain rides of your life. Between the mountains of Arkansas and then we’ll take a week in Rocky mountain National Park.
    Don’t think your tourer will make though…might want something a little heavier! ahhaha

  2. How cool does that sound! The tourer does convert back to a pretty useful hardtail though when I put the suspension forks back on, remove the mudguards and put some mudplugging tyres in place.
    Like the Iguana by the way, cool bike!

  3. Can’t really compete with the Rocky Mountains but as the Director of Ventures and Falcon Camps I’m sure we could find an opportunity for you to use your mountain bike qualification on one of our Venture holidays for young people.

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