pre-residential chaos

It’s “Yellow Braces”, the Diocesan Camp this weekend (please don’t ask about the name) so things are quite busy at the moment. It’s now that classic phase where there are parents to be phoned to beg for the medi form back and working out the dorms and arranging people who “HAVE TO BE” together even though there’s age and space complications. Yesterday I realised that with 68 young people, a core team of 21 and a training programme for 10 young leaders there is NO WAY they will all fit in the dining area. So I am now the proud owner of a cheap Heath Robinsonesque 6m x 3m marquee (actually it’s more of a gazebo with delusions of grandeur!)
It will all come together, it will! I have a fantastic team and the venue at Hill end is a top place! In the meantime chaos reigns!
Regular readers though will know that I am a HUGE believer in the residential as a youth work tool. So I am dead chuffed to have been invited to be a trustee of Woolhope Cockshoot which is my favourite residential centre in Europe! (excuse the Hyperbole and ignore the fact I don’t know any outside of Europe!)
I’m also putting together a training event for October on “How to run a residential” which I hope will encourage and enable some smaller groups to take the plunge!

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