No to Drugs, Yes to Cycling

Was supposed to be on a Drugs course all day today but unfortunately my place had not been booked in time. Hey ho, no to drugs but yes to cycling! I’m owed a wadge of time in lieu so it seemed like a good opportunity to get in some miles. The morning went by catching up with stuff but by lunchtime I was able to get togged up and head on out. Obviously wasn’t going to use the Brompton for a distance ride. Didn’t feel a huge need for speed so the racer stayed on the wall. Opted for the tourer! Seven miles later however a piece of flint sliced entirely through the tyre and the inner tube. So a 4 mile hike in full cycling kit!
Still, can’t take a joke shouldn’t have joined!
Off to a session at the Riverside Youth and Community Centre now, hoping I don’t get any questions about cycling or drugs!
square bike.jpg
Just like my bike, going nowhere and in need of a fix