Matrix Conference 2007

The great news is that Matrix 2007 conference for employed youth workers is all systems go! Huzzah! The slightly scary thing is I’ve been invited to a planning meeting in September and therefore the surreal mind of Youthblog may have a bearing on the conference!
So if you are a Matrixite and have an opinion on what colour it should be, who should speak and I guess who shouldn’t, whether laptops should be banned and whether we should develop a secret handshake ….. comment below, let me know how deep you want the rabbit hole to go!
Ideas so far
Putting the “party” back into PArish SuppoRTed Youth work
Networking, theology and a bar
Journey to the soft centre of the Youthwork Rolo
Funkier than you thought possible at a Christian Conference centre
Going to lie down now!

One Reply to “Matrix Conference 2007”

  1. Umm, I would go for Networking, theology and a bar. For three reasons, networking is where the really useful stuff happens – rather than listening to the speakers (unless of course, they haven’t prepared their talks and just get the group to do the work by getting into small groups for most of their seminar). Secondly, theology is too important not to have some special focus for full timers, we are being driven down the road to professionalism, but we need to balance that with remembering why we are doing youth work in a “Christian” context in the first place. Thirdly, the bar – as long as that doesn’t stand for “raising the bar”, but standing at (or slumping under) the bar with a pint or three.

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