If you build it they will come

When asked what is the most important factor for church growth, a staggering 81% of the 1,125 churches that took part in the Christian Research survey replied ‘the warm welcome received.’ (Ev 70 Leading Ordinary Churches into Growth, p 16)
I found this a slightly worrying statistic! It puts the idea that the “attractional” notion of church:
a) works?
b) Is a more imporatnt factor than say mission, community involvement or discipleship.

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  1. i feel like im in an episode of ‘yes minister’, so what questions were asked prior to the key question, how do we define church growth? how do you ‘recieve a warm welcome?’
    Anyhow makes for interesting statistics but ke for me is its all well and good asking those INSIDE what the most key part of church growth is but what about those outside? We need to as a whole church consider the outside, historcally the inside looks after itself (to carying degrees of success)

  2. In my church we are growing and if you were to ask the new comers why they a) came in and b)stuck around I reckon they would say that it was because of the warm welcome recieved. After all Churches grow from Christians moving into the area and looking for a church (they would look for mission, discipleship etc) while new people with little or no Church background won’t care two hoots about these things and it’s a big enough step for them to enter into a church at all. My church picks up people who come in for the standard “matching and dispatching” services and then YES they do feel welcome and stay – God is doing the work in their hearts and we just help them to BELONG. I think that sometimes it’s worrying that Churches feel they should put aside the warm welcome and get so “other worldly” that newcomers have no idea what is going on and get scared off. You need a good approachable easy going nonjudgemental welcome and then a sound strong Biblically based teaching and discipleship opportunity. The early church grew fast – and they seemed to be the friendliest bunch around. In a world that is increasingly individualistic people first and foremost need to feel part of something.
    But, heck, that’s just my opinion.

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