How useful are these? Over

Walkie Talkies.jpg Walkie Talkies! I worked out pretty early on that these could be really useful for youth work residentials and the like ….. and “invested” some of my youthwork budget in getting six. There’s loads out that verging from the Gerald Ratner to the rather good. We bought Motorolla ones that have the maximum legal range of about 3km and cost about £80 a pair! When I left my last job I had to leave them behind (sob) but managed to get some more for Yellow Braces (Hurrah)
So, are they useful or just a gadget geek fettish?
They do, I admit, produce an enormous amount of silliness and humour BUT are also incredibly useful for example ……
1. We invariably had a convoy heading to residentials and the walkie talkies enabled the “pack” to stay together (or find each other again) as well as navigate around hold ups!
2. Over a large site (like Hill End) it enables organisation, discussion and allows for changes of timetable to be communicated. It also means that finding the missing person and receiving that information happens much more quickly.
3. They work in areas where there is no mobile signal.
4. When leading a large hike the back marker can communicate when the group is too strung out or when there is a problem.
5. You can always contact the First Aider.
6. At festivals like Greenbelt you can actually meet up with the members of the team!

walkie talkie 2.jpg That’s just a few examples but communication is always useful. They definitely earned their keep when I led the Ski Ventures as a response to an emergency could be co-ordinated and managed very effectively!
The UK legal have 8 main channels then 38 sub divisions of those. For the last seven years whenever I’m involved in something I use channel 4 sub division 12. So if you’re at Soul Survivor B or Greenbelt give me a shout on 4.12 ….. receiving, over!

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  1. One of my favourite walkie-talkie moments was one year at Soul Survivor. I was with Richard who had one of them, and he said into it, “May day! May day!” To which you, back at base camp, replied, “August evening! August evening!” Made me giggle.

  2. My fav’ Walkie talkie moment also involved Richard. He put on a very official and serious voice and transmitted, “This is an official channel for emergency use only, I don’t know who you are but please leave this frequency immediately!”
    Moments later Camilla emerged pale faced from the service station kiosk and hurried over to tell me we were in BIG trouble.

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