Harry Potter and the half read book

Harry Potter.gif Trawling through the shoals of stuff that interest me in the ocean of blogdom this morning, it’s Harry Potter who has emerged as the recurring theme. Sarah, Beth and Rob I suspect will be utterly engrossed in the Half Blood Prince as I write. I’m also pretty sure that were I to own a copy and read the first page I would probably accomplish nothing, not even sleep, until it was finished. Hence why I haven’t gone near a copy!
What interests me more though is what the Harry Potter phenomena is saying about the way people think and feel. Natasha Walker has written a brilliant piece in the Guardian called “A hero for our time” and it’s well worth a read.
Writing about the whole genre of magic and fantasy writing she notes,
“Above all, these books comfort readers against the harshness of a secular world. Although rationalism has captured minds in the west, it has not captured hearts on quite the same scale. It is tough to live in a world where there is no grand force that cares for your existence, no sense of purpose to the universe, no conscious presence being expressed in the cheerful sprout of flowers or the menacing rumble of thunder. Even if you were brought up on a very high-minded atheism, as I was, you can still find a totally rationalist world a rather dry and quiet place.”
Well worth a look. As for “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” I have no opinion (yet)

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  1. Bought HP on saturday evening, finished this evening, but had to include loooooooooots of sleep, 2 dives and 4 lectures!
    good book, tho hoping the last will have a happier ending.

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