Green paper leak

I’m afraid this will mean nothing to Youthblog readers outside of the UK but we’ve been waiting quite a while for a frequently postponed Green paper on youth service provision.
Community Care claim to have some of the details via a leak …… you’ll find them here!
The draft of Youth Matters, which is due to be published shortly, also sets out a new statutory duty on councils to provide positive activities for young people.
With themes that strongly echo Every Child Matters and the adult green paper alongside key Labour messages of “rights and responsibilities” and citizenship, the draft document pledges to give young people:
• A “real say” in decisions and a strong sense of “ownership”
• A choice of safe places to go and “enjoyable and productive” things to do
• Advice and guidance to make the best of the choices they face
• The extra support – and sometimes challenge – they need
• The chance to develop into fulfilled and active citizens

One Reply to “Green paper leak”

  1. Why is “real say” in quotations? Is it a real say or a ‘real say’??
    Will be interesting to know what the government and councils think young people are all about.
    I’m back in the real world with both my PC and laptop talking wirelessly to broadband 😀 Mum took some pics of my new house so will post them on my blog as soon as I get them.
    Really missing YB. Always such a laugh and a good refresher into youthwork before the summer camps!!

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