Check into survey city

I’m suddenly becoming a bit overwhelmed by surveys about youth work! JBB is doing some work on employment of Youth workers across the denominations. The National Youth Office for the Anglican Church are looking into employment practice (practice is actually a really good word for this) and I’ve sent this out to the crew across Oxford Diocese.
Youthwork magazine have just begun a big survey of “Why we do what we do?” and I’m happy to say this is about volunteers and employed. If you want to add your three penny worth then click here!
And before ALL OF THESE I had asked for info about youth work in all the 620 Parishes that form my world.
So apologies if you are feeling overly questionairred (new word) but hopefully we’ll know a lot more as a result!
Oh and can I ask a question?
How do you respond to surveys?:
1. You are really pleased to be asked about your opinions and experiences
2. You don’t mind filling it in if its not too long or complicated
3. You think that maybe they are sort of a good thing sometimes and will think this each time it rises to the surface of your In-tray
4. You file them neatly under “B” for bin
5. You see what I’ve done here, you’ve answered “4” but in doing so have become a “1” aarrrrghgghh

One Reply to “Check into survey city”

  1. Surely the value of surveys lies in whether or not anyone actually does anything with the information gathered from them, which I think lies in part with how well thought-out the survey is.
    The problem can be that so much information comes in that you don’t know where to start in interpreting it. Alternatively, your series of “rate x from 1 – 5 with 1 being ‘poor’ and 5 being ‘great'” questions generate some lovely statistics but doesn’t actually attract enough real information to be able to do anything.
    If it’s a survey for the sake of a survey, then it’s useless. If it’s genuinely an attempt to canvass mass opinion and then act on the popular opinions, then fair play.

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