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Grant has tagged me as part of some sort of interbloggernational book thing so it only seems right to answer the questions!
> How many books do I own?
I reckon about 1000 in round terms which includes fiction and my reference library (made a bit redundent by the internet but I still love it). I have a really good collection of CS Lewis and GK Chesterton and I own 2 complete sets of the encyclopedia Britannica (1995 and 1955) and 27 Britannica year books! I also have some books that I just love the titles of such as “German in three months” (yeah, right!) and Vol 5 of a different encyclopedia which has on the spine “Fun 2 Hug”
> What was the last book you bought?
Fighter Boys by Patrick Bishop
> What was the last book you read?
Long Way Down by Nick Hornby
> What are FIVE books that have meant a lot to you?
woooa, only 5!
1. Hitcher Hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
2. The Club of Queer Trades by GK Chesterton
3. Whats so amazing about Grace by Philip Yancey
4. The Bible (technically a library I know)
5. Calvin and Hobbes The Lazy Sunday Book by Bill Watterson
(aarrrghhh wanted to include Yaconelli, Pip Wilson, Campolo and CS Lewis)
> Tag 4 more people
If you are a regular reader of Youthblog, consider yourself tagged!

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  1. I consider myself tagged. Chesterton is great. I finally found a copy of The Club of Queer Trades at the library but I don’t own it. The father Brown stories are great.

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