15 nano-seconds of Fame

ypn-cover.jpg There’s an article on blogging in this week’s “Young People Now” magazine AND it mentions Youthblog, Huzzah!
It also quotes some of my thoughts on the noble and random art of blogging! Amusingly though, although they requested a photo of me they didn’t use it …. ??
Youthblog has now made it into YPN, Youthwork magazine and onto an international shed site! And my teachers didn’t think I’d amount to much!!!???

6 Replies to “15 nano-seconds of Fame”

  1. Good news Ian.
    Sadly I have ceased blogging… something to do with addiction and rententiveness.
    I have you rss’d into my outlook… it’s good to hear of your growing fame!

  2. Hey mate – just absent-mindedly flicking through YPN and was grabbed by the article in it on blogging, that quoted your good self! It inspired a conversation around the Cru office (well, Matthew Slater and I) about blogging, its uses and challenges. I love blogging but it is becoming a little addictive and possibly a little distracting from more pressing matters.

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