The things young people take in

Met up tody with an Assistant Minister/Youth Worker who was a young teenager on a camp I spoke at in 1993. It was very cool to catch up with him after a dozen years and we had a great chat. What had really made me laugh though had been his e-mail when he’d got in touch, he’d said some nice stuff about the effect of the talks and camp on him then added this paragraph:
Some negative impact though. For years I tried to emulate your writing style and drew my ‘d’s in one circular motion from half-way round, to the left, then down, round and up, taking the stalk towards the left in one flowing movement, leaving the ‘d’ without a tail. Thing is, I could never really pull it off, people couldn’t read my writing and it took me years to unlearn it!
Made me laugh …. and a bit self conscious about the way I write “d’s” I’ve spoken before on how we communicate so much by example but it’s the first time I’ve had to face the implications of my bizzare handwriting.
I wonder if there’s some bizzare skill or trait that you’ve picked up from a former youth leader? Do tell!

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  1. Fortunatly, when I cut my finger whilst peeling rhubarb earlier, I decided not to emulate my former youth leader by jumping about, cursing and swearing at the pain!
    Maybe what I have picked up will show one day!

  2. We didn’t have youth leaders when I were a lad!
    At least not in Norfolk, apart from the very cool Dave Green as DYO, Norfolk has of course now moved forward a long way with no youth or childrens officers in the diocese!

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