The darker side of creosote substitute

creosote_brush.gif Try as I might I cannot make it higher than number 3 on google when the heady question of “Creosote substitute” is asked? Although I’m fine about my youthwork credentials I’m not sure I can hold my head up in the Emerging Shed fraternity when I fail to have a prophetic voice on wood preservatives.
I thought therefore I would let you know you can buy Creosote Substiture Dark and Creosote Substitute light. Nothing that interesting there BUT here’s the weird part:
They look identical when poured!
They look identical when applied to the wood!
It’s only when they dry that they take on their lighter or darker form! I would at this point write a reflection on the Wheat and the Tares from Matthew 13 but then again, no!

3 Replies to “The darker side of creosote substitute”

  1. Kinda like dark & light Soy Sauce then.
    Look the same, pour the same, appear different once painted onto a shed and left to dry.

  2. Have you used both of them on the shed? Was this in error? Will you being applying stripes or spots? Leopard or Tiger?

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