Taming the Tiger

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I’ve just finished reading “Taming the Tiger” which is the story of how former world Kung fu champion Tony Anthony came to faith.
I’m not normally a great reader of Christian paperbacks but as Tony is coming to Newbury to speak in July I thought I’d have a look. Anyway the book is fantastic, I was humbled, challenged and inspired by his story! If you are in Berkshire (sorry rest of the world) then I reckon it will be well worth going along on the 1st July and taking the older youth group with you, especially the blokes. If you’re not in Berkshire, have a look at the book.

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  1. I can’t believe that no-one is questioning this story – for me there are some major question marks. World Kung Fu champion? Really? Type a few of the guys claims into Google, please somebody…

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