Subversive blog and the gagging order

Just had a meeting with the communication department and have discovered that my blog is potentially politically dangerous (today, the Diocese *maniacal laughter* tomorrow the world).
There are Synodical elections coming up and no Diocesan publication (turns out that Youthblog is one) can allow free comment and access which could allow promotion of individual candidates. Even though the chances of a Synodical delegate/wannabe reading youthblog are akin to finding Elvis is alive and an Anglican minister in Lower Slaughter, the embago stands. Thus from July 11th to September the 30th all comments to Youthblog must be moderated. Obviously I’ll be voting for _______________ ! Hehe
So apologies but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, comments will appear automatically til then. After that there will be a deelllaaayy before they appear.

4 Replies to “Subversive blog and the gagging order”

  1. so the censorship and moderation even hits the land of the blog -probably a good thing after seeing who you voted for……I would not waste your vote, vote for _______ instead!!

  2. Why is it that the PROSPECT of censorship makes me want to say things about the candidates…? I don’t even know who any of them are!!!

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