Religion and Spirituality

Lev’s written some stuff today on spirituality and I believe this is a key subject for us to be working with. I also believe this is a real point of connection with a post-christian post-athiest society that wants to explore spirituality. With this is mind I ordered the above very youth workery type book on “Religion and Spirituality” from RHP
intriguing quote in the write up from RHP:
“[Religion and Spirituality] will convince any human services professional that ignoring these issues is no longer an option
I figure if I mention it here I’ll definitely read it so I can tell you if it was helpful!

2 Replies to “Religion and Spirituality”

  1. That book is on my “might get it when I find out exactly what my book bugget is” list! I look forward to your review to see if its worth getting!

  2. now, ian, you know i have a book disorder. don’t help me to regress by providing more enticing book options. &:~D

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