Reading Boiler Room

We had a great time at Reading Boiler Room. It really is a 21st Century Monastery, the place revolves around Prayer, Justice, Mission and Creativity, Awesome! If you haven’t been, you should go! (Oh and if you have any money then that would be cool too as they are skint). The amazing thing is that the 24-7 Prayer thing has now spread to 50 countries!
Great to catch up with lots of the full timers too! We had a bit of discussion about Line Mangement and one of the Parish based workers asked (genuinely) “What exactly do you mean by line management?” I think I have a bit more work to do with the Churches who employ youth workers!
And the Sandwich dilema? It turns out there’s a third catergory, People who told me they were coming but I’d forgotten 🙁 doh!

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  1. there is also the other two catagories of –
    1) I heard about it and came (but we didnt even know you existed)
    2) I came cause we dont do this type of thing (reserved for baptost types, catholics etc)

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