Nasty NOS and the completed write-up

Phew, am sitting in McDonalds on Sunday evening where I’ve just completed and SENT my placement write up! 13,596 words in diary, write ups and evidence that show I have, in my placement, delivered on the components of the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work! Ouch. I have worked like stink this weekend and completed (past tense, YES!) parts of the write up in the car, in the shed (obviously), at home and in a pub before landing in McDonalds to use their fassssssttt wi-fi to lob the whole lot collegeward.
Huzzahhhhh and double Huzahhhh, Am now two thirds of the way to being a JNC qualified youth worker. *Sings* in a bad ABBAesque kind of a way
“I have a talent for wonderful things
‘cos young people are engaged when I’m youthworker-ing
I’m so grateful and proud
all I want is to sing it out loud
So I say thank you for my youth work calling ….. for givvvviiiiiing it to me!

Staff now staring at me …… time to leave!

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  1. is it the ABBAesque way of singing that is bad.. no, sorry, I remember… It’s you’re singing!!
    will be home tomorrow (Monday), will come and see you all soon.

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