Listening to Young people

Long term readers of youthblog know that “Listen to young people” is one of my oft repeated mantras. You’ll also know that a failure to listen to young people is one of my regular rants! Here’s a great (true) story that I was told by a sixth former recently:
A School had a day put aside to work with the pupils on creative ways of thinking. They received a whole bunch of input based around Edward de Bono’s “Six thinking hats” All well and good so far. In the afternoon there was a chance to put theory into practice. In groups the pupils were given the question, “How could this school be improved?” The group flexed their newly enhanced thought processes and recorded their insights on pieces of paper.
Here’s the funny/sad bit (delete as applicable)
The pupils then received a summary of the day and the hope that the theory and practice had been helpful. As the pupils left, the staff cleared up the pieces of paper on which the pupils had recorded their insights and put them in the bin!
Arrrrrggghhghhghh! True Story!

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