Lets talk about Sex

young_couple_embrace_kiss_lg_clr.gif I’m off to a youth group this weekend to do a whole bunch of stuff on sex and sexuality, so I’m putting the sessions together now. Got most of the stuff I need but I’m open to anyone else’s good ideas?
Also has anyone got “Cabbages for the King” by Adrian Plass, I cannot find my copy. In it there’s a fantastic sketch which I think is called “Navigation”
(If you haven’t read it you should) which I think is a great kick off into the subject of sex. If you have a copy can you e-mail me pleeaaaassseeeee!

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  1. I have a really American Christian Book on sex which is a) good for a laugh and b) a good discussion starter for “real” debate on faith and sex… it has a tick list for when it is OK to start dating… eg. I have my own transportation… I’m just as content not dating. advice for dating… eg. how to tell a girl if she has something between her teeth. And there is so much fun to be had looking at this kind of thing with Young People + it leads onto.. if this is riduclous what is a realistic view? Gets them past the need for the Kids to give the “right” answer.

  2. Hi Ian – great to talk on the weekend.
    I have “Cabbages for the King” over hear 8 time zones away.

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