Jedi Council of Diocesan Youth Advisers

Had a really good meeting with the South East (Jedi Council) DYO’s and feel really energised. We started with Eucharist and prayer before we assembled for the “business” of the day.
Biggest positive of the day is the sense that this is a Kairos time in the Church of England with experiment, change, mission and young people breaking out and breaking in.
Biggest negative of the day was identifying how BIG an issue poor employment practice is in the way [some] Churches take on, manage or get rid of youth workers/ministers.
Very positive day though and re-visiting the youth strategy, “Good News for Young People” and the 1996 “Youth A part” Strategy was helpful. Keep coming back though to the fact that the strategy is not backed with the resources to deliver on it! Without these how does it support and enable the volunteers who minister to/with young people week by week, the Churches who are disconnected from young people and the growing arena of employed youth ministry? Who’d be a DYO? …. oh, me I guess! pray for me and the other Diocesan youth bods 🙂

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  1. Isn’t Kairos the capital of Egypt?
    Okay, on a serious note… It’s good to see that the DYOs are re-visiting 1996 plans and seeing how they can be improved upon and whether there are sufficient resources necessary to act upon them. Too often I’ve seen organisations say “right, done that – what’s the next box we can tick?”.

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