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Chris at Paradoxology has asked a series of questions about evangelical protestant worship. He’s done this by posting some photo’s and then just leaving a question to be considered, very interesting!
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At the moment I’m part of a great bunch of people who are aiming to put on a BIG event for young people in Oxfordshire. The aim is to get loads of Christian teens together and have a core event that is dedicated to helping them/challenging them to be salt and light in their communities. But what should the event look like, how do we “do” worship across a spectrum of Church experiences that is meaningful and authentic?

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  1. I was part of a group of people who had a similar vision for Preston. the worship event was/is twice a year. we atarted in a 800 seater but after 2 events had to move to a 2000. The event was organised bu adults but all the singers mucisions actors dancers artists etc were young people. We made the decision very early on that we shouldnt be too out there on the cutting edge so as to alianate people. So music was fairly maintream (hillsong and alike) but it was done very proffessional and passionate. A lot of people commented on the reworking of old hyms like amazing Grace and be thou my vision. what was interesting to see was the vast diversity in ages we ended up attracting. There were a number of YPS but we also had a fair few 20’s and 30’s and even a good number of evenm more “mature” people. We introduced a lot of artistic stuff too which has been great to see

  2. Try and keep the number of adults as low as is possible, especially those perceived by YPs as being very old (i.e. those over 40!).
    My previous church started a youth service which a number of adults attended as they felt it was a much-needed thing which should be supported. Unfortunately, the number of adults present actually put off a lot of YPs from coming, as they felt outnumbered, that they didn’t belong and that they weren’t worthy to get involved in a service which had so many adults present.

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