Grove Booklets and Small Youth groups

I’ve been asked to write a Grove booklet in part of a new Youth work series! My title is along the lines of “Small is Beautiful!” A look at small youth groups and how they work, what they contribute etc!
So blog-buddies, some questions?
1. Should I do it?
2. Can you think of a better title?
3. oh and what should I write?

4. When I sell the film rights, who should play me!
I have said I’m interested if we can design a cover other than the regular one with the 1950’s line drawings!

8 Replies to “Grove Booklets and Small Youth groups”

  1. 1. Of course – you can use your shed as your writing hiding away…does it have wi-fi?
    2. titles okay – keep your options open. as you write – one will stick.
    3. war stories from youth dudes/dudettes who are doing small groups and the value/principle the story illustrates.
    4. you’re british…so your options are limited…the cat that was in Hitchhiker’s Guide or Ewan McGregor, whose actually irish, right? Or napolean dynamite – who isn’t british either but he’s cool.
    under no circumstance should hugh grant be considered.

  2. 1. Can you think of a good reason not to?
    2. Size isn’t everything, it’s what you do with it that counts?!!
    3. That small groups rock and are a fab base for relationship building and effective discipleship and evangelism.
    4.Hmm, tricky. I think Julia Roberts has a grin that MIGHT just be big enough!
    Why not get Dave W to design the cover?

  3. 1: Yes then you get a nice letter from the British Library – makes you feel inteligent!
    2: Sounds good, you could then subtitle it…” and other comforting phrases for struggling Youth Ministers” 😉
    3: um if we told you that would be cheating! – but ditto Kathryn, some of your mentoring experiences would be good to hear about
    4: Perhaps Aardman could do an animation, with you as a budgie voiced by Brian Blessed?

  4. 1. Definite yes
    2. Title wise I’d wait until you’re finished before deciding on a title, stick with what you’ve got for the moment.
    3. I think letting people know that it is OK to have a small group and grow is good – it is important not to see success or failure in terms of a youth group in terms of bums on seats (or beanbags!). I mean as you know, we started from a pretty small start in Finch, and are now at the point of having to get extra people in to help us manage the numbers!
    4. At this point I’m reminded of the recent Deadringers sketches about a certain well known British round the world sailor… It might become you played by Bruce Willis with your youth group infiltrated by international terrorists…

  5. 1) Yes, but only if Tessa proof reads it!
    2) Write it afterwards – inspiration will come.
    3) What a youth worker needs to know – experiences of other YW in the same situation (in hope and dispair), experiences from YP and what a small group means/meant to them, the good and the bad and how to manage the bad. Also maybe a note on which book to read when the group grows!!
    4) The current James Bond actor (whoever he may be at the time).

  6. Can’t believe I’m behind on this one!
    1. Should you do it? OF COURSE!
    2. Can you think of a better title? Not at the moment but you need to write something before you get a final title (as wise people have said).
    3. oh and what should I write? I think it would be good for you to get a group together over coffee and have a huge discussion to get your ideas buzzing.
    4. When I sell the film rights, who should play me! Tim Allen springs to mind after all your recent DIY activity. Or maybe Jack Dee – he’s acting now.
    DEFINITELY get Dave W to do the picture. He’s famous you know!
    p.s Grant – Ewan McGregor is SCOTTISH

  7. 1. Should I do it? – Yes, absolutely. People in your position have seen so many clubs and groups that you’re better experienced that most to write on the subject.
    2. Can you think of a better title? – The title you’ve got is good enough for now; it focusses your mind on what you want to say, a better title might follow once you’ve written it but it’s a good guideline for the article.
    3. oh and what should I write? – Do side-by-side comparisons of some small groups that you’ve seen and some large ones that you’ve seen. Consider whether better/closer/more meaningful relationships can be built in a smaller group, or whether that is just a matter of the YW:YP ratio, not the number of YPs? In a smaller group, more open discussion is possible, but the YP might feel on the spot somewhat if there aren’t lots of people around them. Larger groups offer greater opportunity for peer support, but with that comes the risk that the quieter ones get missed.
    4. When I sell the film rights, who should play me! – Ewan McGregor is actually Scottish, but if he did the Alec Guinness impression from Star Wars Episode One again, maybe he could pull it off?!

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