Getting Perspectives

persp2.gif Huzzah, the latest edition of Perspectives is out. I love this journal and its great to have a publication that aims to reflect on Christian youth work. Being a subscriber is fun too, it’s like joining a secret society. The mag comes out X number of times a year (where X is a number somewhere between 1 and 4) and appears each Y (Where Y is a random unpredicatable date) and is published in understated monachrome. No criticism intended though as the content is FIRST CLASS and its a great bunch of people who put it together voluntarily.
This edition is around the oft discussed Christian youth work / youth ministry / Mission etc debate and is well worth a read. Good pieces from Richard (Taff) Davies, Maxine Green, Steve Griffiths and Paul Hopkins!
(Maxine once interviewed me for a job but was not impressed with my lack of formal qualification, the feedback she gave me was “You’ve done very well to get this far on enthusiasm alone!”).
Oh and there is also a reflection on having a retreat in a city from Doctor H!
You can read previous articles on their web site which they’ve generously made available. Then subscribe, it’s worth it … fab value and you’ll NEVER know when it might pop through the letter box 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the mention!
    I particularly like the quotation they chose to highlight in large bold black letters to the side of the article. It makes me seem SOooooOOO serious!!! ;oP

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