Cuisine a la Slough

Visitied a funky youth group last night in Slough. It was a volunteer led group for 13-17 year olds and met in a kind of a Church hall as it has done for about 3 years. Really good crew and the group clearly enjoy being together.
Anyway the group worked (mostly) together on cooking a three course meal which we eventually sat down to. During the meal (very tasty!) there was a great debate on Young peoples rights and whether smoking should be illegal! The debate(s) were high energy affairs but only the person holding the “talk stick” could speak, some really good debate and some interesting points from all.
Cool group though! The cookery formed part of some healthy eating work they’ve been doing (this was working well as there was lots of salad, veg and fruit consumed), the debating was a real engagement with issues as well as giving young people chance to explore what they thought and giving the confindence to talk about it. All this plus the normal relational stuff and a lot of fun.

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  1. very impressive – no spaghetti and cheese for them then!!
    By the way Ian – what is the clicking noise that now accompanies your blog?

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