Creature Comforts

creature comforts.jpg I’ve been watching a couple of the Aaardman “Creature Comforts” DVDs and they have made me laugh BIG TIME! If you’re not familiar with them they are basically voices of “the great British public” but the words are instead delivered by some exsquisitely animated animals. For example there’s one chapter where people have been asked about their experience of flying, the dialogue is then voiced by an assortment of birds. The thoughts then take on a whole new life.
Thses two DVDS are fantastic as late night entertainment on residentials, discusssion starters, fillers and a sideways look at the human condition. Fantastic stuff!

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  1. Gosh someone REALLY lovely must have leant you those
    (of course I should point out that said lovely person is not a candidate for Synod)

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