Assimilated into the shed collective

Regular youthblog visitors will have followed the “emerging shed” stream and some have even got quite into it! “Really enjoying the shed strand” (thanks Dan). One youthblog agent even e-mailed me this shed site and I’ve discovered a whole new world. I e-mailed the host, Uncle Wilco, and expressed concern that I might be becoming a sheddie, his reply made me laugh:
you aren’t turning into a sheddie, everyone has some shed in their genes, from birth, it just needs to be nurtured and thats what we are here for
web shed 9.jpg Anyway impressed by the irony and humour I have joined the collective. You can see the rather cool Flash or slide show here and then vote for my shed!

2 Replies to “Assimilated into the shed collective”

  1. What I suppose I should tell you is that in our household we have a shed each – mine houses all the important garden stuff and bikes – Sedge’s Shed is stacked to the hilt with stuff that used to live in his white van. He want’s a bigger shed but at the moment space in the garden is at a premium so I have said no!

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