Angels and Demons

angels_and_demons_1_1.jpg I’ve just read an amazing speech/sermon from Dan “Da Vinci Code” Brown’s book “Angels and Demons” All credit to Paradoxology for discovering it! You should go there and read the text, there’s some awesome stuff in there for youth ministry and helping young people to engage with Faith/Science tensions.
“You ask what does God look like. I say, where did that question come from? The answers are one and the same. Do you not see God in your science? How can you miss Him! You proclaim that even the slightest change in the force of gravity or the weight of an atom would have rendered our universe a lifeless mist rather than our magnificent sea of heavenly bodies, and yet you fail to see God’s hand in this? Is it really so much easier to believe that we simply chose the right card from a deck of billions? Have we become so spiritually bankrupt that we would rather believe in mathematical impossibility than in a power greater than us?”
“Whether or not you believe in God,” the camerlengo said, his voice deepening with deliberation, “you must believe this. When we as a species abandon our trust in the power greater than us, we abandon our sense of accountability. Faith … all faiths … are admonitions that there is something we cannot understand, something to which we are accountable . . . With faith we are accountable to each other, to ourselves, and to a higher truth. Religion is flawed, but only because man is flawed. If the outside world could see this church as I do … looking beyond the ritual of these walls . . . they would see a modern miracle… a brotherhood of imperfect, simple souls wanting only to be a voice of compassion in a world spinning out of control. . . .”
The full text is here

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  1. I concur. It is a fabulous speech but only one minor point…
    The person who gives that speech is a pscyhopath, isn’t he?

  2. Thanks Sarah …..OK, may have to read it in context then. Psychopathic character or not though there’s some good stuff in there.

  3. One point to the contrary, which I’ve never found a fully satisfactory response for. I fully take the point about the mathematical chance of creation happening without God, but the thing with “one in a million chances” is that they happen one in a million times. What say that everything around us was that one time, and all the barren planets in the world are the other 999,999 times??
    I’ve never been able to provide a decent answer to that question, so I’d be grateful of other people’s input on that, so I’m better armed for the next time it is said to me…

  4. But it’s not a one in say a million chance, it’s a series of chances made up of longer odds that a million to one that add up to something ludecrously long. Then you’ve got weird stuff like water not obeying physics, i.e it expands when it freezes, if it obeyed the norms then life would have been wiped out.
    The line that really struck me was
    “Have we become so spiritually bankrupt that we would rather believe in mathematical impossibility than in a power greater than us?”
    There is, I think some truth in this, we monitor the universe for radio waves in an ordered and distinctive pattern that would suggest intelligent life, yet look at the complexity of DNA as a random accident.

  5. When I read the book I got all excited about the speech and thought I could use it in sermons but if anyone has read the book they would realise that in the context of the book it becomes totally invalidated by what happens surrounding the character who says it. Decidedly frustrating, Dan Brown does that a few times in his books, don’t know if he is poking fun at Christians by it or not.

  6. I don’t think he is poking fun.. I just think he is a bad (not becase he is ati-christian just that the books are terrible – weak plot repeated in all of his books, mysteries that make the Daily sport tea-break crossword look like a mensa test, poor research, paper thin characters… I could go on!)writer who knows that a good way of getting media coverage and then sales in the US is to be contoversial about Christianity.

  7. Just a little question,do dan brown’s books reall suck nads that big? heard a lotta good stuff about the Da Vinci Code (still looking for it).
    ow andah,if i seem a bit out of place….yeah i am,i have no idea where this is 🙂

  8. LOL… Triach, IMHO they are certainly not up to the reputaion they seem to have gathered… I found Andgels and Demons an ok Holiday/beach novel, but the rest just don’t hold a candle to his fellow “pulp fiction” authors… just cause everyone is talking about it doesn’t make it good!

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