After Club Church

Great article in the Church Times about a Baptist Church in Hereford that opens it’s doors from midnight til 3am to clubbers. Well worth a read …. encouraging stuff!
I reckon I might start a new linked page where I can upload encouraging stories from churches and encouraging stories about young people. If you stumble across any, please let me have them.

2 Replies to “After Club Church”

  1. The CU at Plymouth are planning to do that next year – free tea and coffee (or just water!) and a place to chat or get help if you need it on Friday and Saturday nights (or should I say Sat and Sunday mornings!!)
    Prayers please – it’s going to take a lot of organisation.

  2. I had an email about this the other day – one of the Churches in Maidstone had read the article and thought it might be an idea – I reckon I might explore it some more since it would link really well with the club chaplaincy ministry.

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