Youth Worker’s Annual Appraisal

If you’re a youth worker or youth minister employed by a Church could you let me know if you have:
a) Regular Line Management Meetings and their frequency
b) An annual appraisal/review

I was asked yesterday to produce an annual review form for Church Youth Workers Download file. If you’ve got other examples please could I see them? oh and if you’ve got a set agenda for regular supervision meetings I’d love to see that too.
Thanks for the help 🙂
This blog post is via me being a wi-fi bandit again. I had to do the school run and for reasons too complicated to explain we were VERY early. My youngest was playing an advanced technical playground game, the rules of which seemed to be: shout very loudly at someone and run away then stand still and allow yourself to be shouted at very loudly …. then run away (repeat ad-infinitum). So in a moment of optimism I flicked open the laptop and *Ping*, the whole of the world wide web opened up while I was sitting on a picnic bench correctly designed for a 5 year old (ouch!)

4 Replies to “Youth Worker’s Annual Appraisal”

  1. I reckon you should patent that word “monthlyish” as it sums up quite a few people’s experience of regular management. In fact it’s a very specific term as it denotes a period of time that the Line manager reckons is monthly until you point out “we have only met 3 times in the last complete year” 🙂

  2. a) fortnightly management meetings + monthly “ministry mentor” meetings
    b) 6 monthly reports for Pastoral comittee/synod
    I have never had a form, so my reports are more discursive – I have always tended to take the “key tasks” from the job description as the headings.

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